Alice Ahn is a photographer specializing in weddings and portraits based in California & Hawaii. She is also available to capture your happiest moments across the world. 

My love for artistic expression began as a young girl. After school, I would go straight to my grandparents studio, where my grandparents ran a joint photography studio and hair salon. Watching my grandfather photograph brides that had been beautifully dolled up by my grandmother, I was transfixed. From this point forward, art became my passion.

I aim to capture a couple’s candid and real emotions over the course of the wedding day with film and digital photography. I love photographing a subject in natural light, especially with beautiful scenery, creating romantic, airy and timeless images. 

When I shoot weddings, I transform the the joyful, ephemeral moments of the father-daughter dance, the first kiss, the cutting of the cake, and all of the other moments that comprise a wedding into a series of beautiful and emotional mementos that a bride and groom and their loved ones can treasure for the rest of their lives.

my favorite things 

Weddings & Portraits


She is my companion, my family, my roommate, and my friend. Paige’s existence calms my soul and gives me happiness. Even though she is starting to get fat from too much dried fish, I love carrying her around and taking her to the beach and on mountain hikes. No day is complete without warm hugs and licks from her.


Whenever I’m moody or stressed, this is my go-to snack. There is only one shop in Hawaii that sells them so if they are out, I order them online. I can’t wait to one day try a fresh, hot stroopwafel from a bakery in the Netherlands.


This is my favorite way to reward myself for hard work I’ve done. Planning and booking Airbnb or hotel rooms for trips excite me. My travels have inspired me and I often draw on the beautiful things I have seen in other places in my photography.  I have travelled all over Asia, Europe and America. My next destination is Africa and Northern Europe! 

New York

I visit New York every year! The vibrant business of the city energizes my whole soul and the delicious food from all over the world makes each meal and adventure. The old brick and brownstone buildings contrasted with all of the different skyscrapers makes the city a visual wonder.

Wine Pairing

Although I’m barely a drinker, it never ceases to amaze me how different various combinations of grapes and time can taste. I love going to the local wine shop to hunt down a new bottle of wine to pair with a special dinner.