Hawaii Luxury Wedding Photographer

Hawaii Luxury Wedding Photographer | Beauty in Blue


As seen on Wedding Sparrow When I was a little girl I was fascinated with mermaids. I loved how they were always portrayed with a little bit of shimmer and long flowing hair, but they were still mysterious and unique. They always seemed to embrace the fact that they didn’t fit the normal mold. In […]

Oahu, Hawaii Engagement Photographer

Oahu, Hawaii Engagement Photographer | Jessie + Leon

Bridal, Engagement

Sign up Jessie and Leon as wedding models! These two are stunning together and so photogenic. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them. They traveled to Hawaii from Taiwan to take their engagement/wedding portraits. Jessie wore a gorgeous dress from BHLDN that looked like it was made just for her. It was covered in simple, […]

The Dreamiest Ruffled Wedding Dress That Will Leave You Blushing | Bali

Boudoir, Bridal

I recently had the pleasure of shooting one of the most beautifully-designed Bali bridal sessions. Featured on Style Me Pretty, this shoot was held at the breathtaking Alila Villas Uluwatu – Bali’s top venue for weddings. The layered blush dress was designed by the talented Elsie Chrysila. (Make sure to check out more of her beautiful work [here]!) […]

Sunrise at Makapuu

Sunrise at Makapuu | Ryoko

Boudoir, Bridal

This beautiful lady is my close friend Naoko’s friend from Japan. When Naoko introduced me to Ryoko, I immediately connected with her and couldn’t wait to work with her. She wanted to do a shoot just for herself, which I thought was a wonderful, brave thing to do. Sometimes we need to just take a […]

Bride in Kauai

A Beautiful Bride in Kauai | Wei’s Bridal


A Beautiful Bride in Kauai | Wei’s Bridal When I was younger, I remember going to a friend’s house and seeing a huge portrait hanging near her parents’ room. A large, lush lawn spread out across the scene with huge oak trees arching overhead, small patches of bright blue sky peeking through—a gorgeous natural backdrop. […]

Provence Wedding Photographer

Provence Wedding Photographer | Romantic Bridal Shoot in Provence, France


I had the extreme honor of having this shoot featured on the Once Wed blog. With a venue and model as beautiful as these, it wasn’t hard finding inspiration and jumping behind the lens as a Provence wedding photographer. Imagine walking up the tree-lined drive to find a charming stone villa nestled at the end. […]

Bridal Wedding Photo Makapuu Beach

Hawaii Wedding and Bridal Inspiration | Makapuu Beach


This Hawaii wedding and bridal inspiration shoot was featured in Adorn Magazine   “Like a wild flower; she spent her days, allowing herself to grow, not many knew of her struggle, but eventually all; knew of her light.” – Nikki Rowe    CREATIVE DIRECTOR & STYLIST Utterly Engaged | WORKSHOP : Donny Zavala  FLORAL DESIGNER & STYLIST Catalina […]

5 Designer Shoes for Stylish Brides


“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” We couldn’t agree more, so we’ve picked out or top 5 favorite bridal shoes for 2017. It is so important to have the perfect shoe to compliment your special day, a piece you will treasure forever. Below you will find two of our most favorite […]



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