Kualoa Ranch Hawaii Elopement | Ellie + Jonathan

November 9, 2019

Not all of Hawaii’s beauty lies in the ocean. Much of the beauty lies in the people, the culture, and the unique way of life. It also lies in the stunning dark volcanic cliffs covered in flora and the natural beauty all around the great island. Hawaii is truly a state of unsurpassed beauty.

Ellie and Jonathan decided to celebrate their love and commitment to one another with a Hawaiian elopement. But what they may not know is that they are actually part of what makes the state so beautiful. Every day, couples come to the island for romance and to focus on their love. This is part of the Hawaiian story, too, and it’s always such a pleasure to help couples capture both the big magic moments and the sweet candid ones while they are here. 

With so many gorgeous wedding venues and outdoor locations to choose from, they opted for an outdoor wedding at the Kualoa Ranch on Oahu, a spot that showcases both the beauty of the land and the sea. This private 4,000 acre nature preserve is used for everything from raising cattle and hosting recreational activities to filming movies and, of course, hosting weddings. This has always been one of my favorite locations to shoot at. 

Their ceremony, which incorporated several local Hawaiian traditions, was just lovely. They looked so in love, and he was completely enamored with his radiant bride. After they exchanged vows, we took several couple’s portraits near the water, then we turned around and took several photos with the green hillside in the background. I am always amazed by how amazing a bridal-white dress looks against the natural deep green and brown colors of the island. Stunning! I think their elopement day was everything they dreamed it would be and more. 

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Kualoa Ranch Hawaii Elopement
Kualoa Ranch Hawaii Elopement
Kualoa Ranch Hawaii Elopement
Kualoa Ranch Hawaii Elopement
Kualoa Ranch Hawaii Elopement
Kualoa Ranch Hawaii Elopement
Kualoa Ranch Hawaii Elopement
Kualoa Ranch Hawaii Elopement
Kualoa Ranch Hawaii Elopement
Kualoa Ranch Hawaii Elopement

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